About the Squirrel Chase

Dog looking up in a tree for a squirrel.
The original squirrel chase.

What’s with the crazy name?

The domain name “TheSquirrelChase” was chosen for the wrong reasons. A domain was needed in order to take a class in web site design through South Seattle Community College and Ed2Go. A lot of the more obvious names for a website are already in use.

The name “The Squirrel Chase” came to mind because I had been walking with my friend Ginger that morning and she saw a squirrel and tried to climb up a tree after it. I also had been reading about the MySQL database, upon which WordPress rests, and pronounce it “My Squirrel” in my head.

By the time I had gotten through class I was fond of the off-beat name.

Who’s here?

Kate and James by a stele on YiShan, Shandong province, China.There are two players in this caper:

Kate is a recovering stress engineer, with a lot of incongruous, yet oddly relevant, experience gained from volunteering. Major skills are in the area of communications, organization, logic, and quilting (this is an asset in web site layout). Kate is also dabbling in amateur photography . Kate’s personal blog is xingfumama.wordpress.com.

James  is currently teaching English at a kindergarten in Weifang, China. James has a bachelor’s degree in marketing with a minor in music from Seattle University. He has also taught secondary school in a rural village in Kenya. His skills include understanding marketing methods, extensive communications experience with people of different ages and cultures, and playing the guitar.