About Kate

KSM-20160306-The_Squi1-01Available to create and/or maintain websites using WordPress. Can also assist in creating a brand, including logos, favicons, then assist you to create printed materials (e.g., business cards and flyers) and headers for social media platforms consistent with your chosen brand images (e.g, facebook, pinterest).

Extensive experience with communications, business and leadership in many capacities as a volunteer: PTSA, Boy Scouts, Homeschool Support Association, Threads of Love, Books and Bricks Organization, and Church.

Kate has a degree in Civil Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and worked as a stress engineer for Boeing for a little over a decade before “retiring” when childcare arrangements fell apart. Time flew. Now the nest is empty…but parents and grandparents are aging and need care. To keep the brain alive Kate has taken courses in photography and web site development on-line and at South Seattle Community college, as well as using resources available on-line to learn graphic design.

My personal blog is : XingfuMama.WordPress.com

I also write the blog: Goin-with-Grandma.TheSquirrelChase.com, a place to share stories, lessons learned and tips about traveling with the elderly and mobility impaired, and created and, for some time, maintained the site SJBWestSeattle.org.  My first experience with working with WordPress was setting up and, for a time, maintaining a website for BooksandBricks.org. (I am no longer affiliated with that group).